Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I purchase your services?

Email us at We are happy to answer clarifying questions via email or voice chat.

  1. Remind us of your qualifications?

We have >20years of industry experience developing drugs, financing biotech companies and successfully exiting them via M&A or NASDAQ IPO.  We remain actively involved in the industry and take pride in helping the next generation transform ideas into medicines.

  1. What is the service offering menu and pricing?

4. Are the Engagements Confidential?

Yes, all engagements are confidential. We are happy to sign your CDA, or we have our own to offer.  Either way it is important to protect both sides on this matter and we take it seriously.

5. How do I pay?

We use Stripe for processing payments.   Stripe accepts most major credit cards (VISA

VISA, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express) as well as apple pay, google pay, and bank transfers.

6. What is the BowTied?

BowTiedJungle is an online community inspired by BowTied Bull (Twitter: @bowtiedbull). Anyone is free to join, the idea is to share ideas around business, health, and wealth.

We recommend subscribing for his substack as well for excellent & entertaining prose & analysis on crypto, macro, & everything in between.