Looking to Raise Venture Capital?

We will help you understand which investors to target based on your company’s geography, industry and stage of development.

Using proprietary finance databases we will provide you with a strategic outreach plan to maximize the probability of engagement with target venture capital groups.

This analysis is not for everybody. Only consider if….

#1 Your industry has a track record of attracting venture capital

High growth industries generally attract venture capital.   If you are not sure if your company fits this profile we are happy to run a quick check (for free) if our analysis will be possible.

#2 You are willing to roll up your sleeves and engage investors

We will provide you with the contact list as well as a unique trick for increasing your chances of moving into a confidential discussion. If you are not prepared to make 50-100 initial outreach calls this analysis will not be beneficial to you.

#3 You are prepared for serious dialog with investors

There is an unwritten language that most investors speak.  If you are not prepared with your elevator pitch, non-confidential pitch deck, and data room it may make sense to hold on investor targeting until you are ready to actually engage.

What They Are Saying…

“Our company had developed a unique formulation Ag Tech and grown to ~$1M in revenue.  It became clear this business could scale and that venture investment would be necessary.  BowtiedBiotech helped us develop an investor target list tailored specifically to my geography (country) and industry as well as a playbook for outreach.

The information they provided is not readily available from public data sources.  The investor list saved us considerable time and gave us a framework for contacting investors in our industry.  100% recommend this service if you do not have access to a venture capital network for your industry.”

Mike Powell

Working With Us – $499

  1. Initial Phone Call (30 min)- introductory call followed by a feasibility screen on our end to ensure our databases have the required information for your geography/industry.
  1. Data Analysis (8-10hrs) – we will pull together a list of investors and contacts specific to your geography/industry.  The output will be a 6-10 page written report as well as the .xls of the investor target list.   The written report will include not only the list, but a detailed outreach playbook to maximize probability of success. Requires $399.50 50% upfront payment via Stripe.
  1. Debrief Call (30min) – a final phone call to run through the results with the client, take any questions, and discuss next steps should they be necessary. If results are satisfactory client makes remaining $399.50 payment via Stripe. This includes the money back guarantee (see below for detail).

Download Sample Investor Targeting Report

Meet BowtiedBiotech

The purpose of BowTiedBiotech is two-fold. Primarily, we aim to provide our scientist audience the tools to build a biotech company and ultimately translate their ideas into medicines for patients.  Secondarily, biotech investors may find our weekly market updates and insights into the public AND private markets useful.

Now, you are likely asking yourself, how is BowTiedBiotech qualified to provide such information?  We have >20 years of industry experience developing drugs, financing biotech companies and successfully exiting them via M&A or NASDAQ IPO.  Our training includes a physical science PhD as well as a MBA.  We remain actively involved in the industry and take pride in helping the next generation transform ideas into medicines.

Money-Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% risk free!

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the experience we will grant without question a full refund. This offer is valid prior to release of the final report which is signed off on by the client.