Reject Rejection is not your typical “which pre-reqs to take in order to get into graduate school” book. Instead, it is an all-encompassing guideline for careers in the life sciences. It is for high performers looking for every edge. It is also for first timers clueless about how the process works. With over 5 decades’ experience between them, the authors share their insights and the “hacks” to make it through each level.

This book is not for everybody. Only consider if….

#1 You are SERIOUSLY considering a career in science or medicine

The techniques shared in this book include both standard and non-standard approaches. You should have an open mind to applying these approaches.

#2 You have a burning desire to go beyond the standard admission process

Medical and Life Science careers are filled with high performers. To succeed you must exceed the mean and truly be an outlier. We will show you EXACTLY what to do, but the implementation will be up to YOU

#3 You have tried our free content on twitter & substack & seen that it holds merit

It is important that you have already seen our material and are convinced our expertise is something you feel comfortable implementing. If looking to take the traditional path this book may not be for you.

What They Are Saying…

Lisa Chen

Stanford Department of Biology

REJECT REJECTION was an eye opening read for me in terms of how to succeed in my PhD program. Nobody tells you this information, reading this book is like having a career counsellor give you tips to succeed”

Alan Richards

John’s Hopkins Medical School

“The admissions process for medical school is incredibly competitive. REJECT REJECTION helped me navigate the process as well provided excellent insights to give me an edge once classwork began.”

Josh McDaniels

Ultrageneix BioSciences

“About midway through my PhD program I knew my life calling was on the business side of this industry. REJECT REJECTION helped me understand how to move past academia and gave me a blueprint for starting my own biotech company.”

What’s Inside?

Close to 100 pages of DETAILED career advice. Whether your goal is academic, medicine, or industry we have your covered from admission to conquering the job interview.

READ Sample

What’s With the Bowties?

The BowTiedJungle is a network of high-performing and high-achieving individuals. We believe that anonymity best provides equal opportunity, unequal results. Our work and products speak for themselves, without relying on broken, legacy credentialing systems.

Meet Biotech

Biotech has >20 years of industry experience developing drugs, financing biotech companies and successfully exiting them via M&A or NASDAQ IPO. Biotech’s training includes a physical science PhD as well as an MBA. Biotech takes pride in helping the next generation transform ideas into medicines.

Meet Radiologist

Rads is a board-certified radiologist with 10+ years’ experience as a radiologist. Most of Rads’ career has been in academics where Rads attained the rank of associate professor. Rads has a few niches within the field of radiology including Ob/gyn, pediatrics, MSK, and body imaging. Rads has numerous publications, abstracts, and invited lectures both nationally and internationally.

Meet Shrike

Shrike is a tenured faculty member with over 20 years’ research experience. Shrike spent a decade training and mentoring students. These students have entered physician-scientist programs. They have pursued careers in industry and in academia. Shrike’s research program is funded by federal agencies, including the NIH.

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