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2. Consulting

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Consulting Services

Business Assessments

Company Health Analysis

Detailed Analysis of YOUR company’s Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive Landscape

How Does your company fit into the landscape of competitors (clinical and pre-clinical)

Opportunity Assessment

BowTiedBiotech expert recommendations on how to optimize your business plan

Consulting Services

Research Program Planning

We aim to help our clients optimize planning their research programs. This includes advising on which experiments to run, which CROs to use, budgeting, timing, organization design, etc. This service extends across the drug development life cycle and includes:

  • Pre-clinical Development
  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Trial Manufacturing
  • Regulatory Planning
  • Organization Design

Consulting Services

Planning for Financing

Financing Logistics

  • Crafting fundable investment thesis
  • Optimally time & size your fund raise

Investor Targeting

  • Targeting the right investors
  • Approaching investors the right way

Pitch Doctoring

  • Preparing for the Investor pitch
  • Critical information on slide design


The purpose of the BowTiedBiotech two-fold. Primarily, we aim to provide our scientist audience the tools to build a biotech company and ultimately translate their ideas into medicines for patients.  Secondarily, biotech investors may find our weekly market updates and insights into the public AND private markets useful.

BowTiedBiotech is also an experiment in web3.0 concepts – a world which seeks to level the playing field by providing equal opportunity, and a world judged purely by results. This concept stands in contrast to today’s bio-business model where the ability to raise investment capital is LARGELY based on reputation and contacts. We aim to pass our knowledge of building biotech companies onto the next generation of aspiring scientist/entrepreneurs, all while remaining anonymous – substance > status!

Now, you are likely asking yourself, how is BowTiedBiotech qualified to provide such information?  We have >20years of industry experience developing drugs, financing biotech companies and successfully exiting them via M&A or NASDAQ IPO.  Our training includes a physical science PhD as well as a MBA.  We remain actively involved in the industry and take pride in helping the next generation transform ideas into medicines.